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December 11, 2008
5:38 pm

Living to Love and to be Loved

Have you been Bitten by the Love Bug? - 11.25.2008 - Article Number: 8

Have you got it? Have you been bitten by the love bug?

Every disease has it’s own unique set of symptoms. We often diagnose what we have by identifying them in our body. Can you diagnose love in your life and the lives of others –I’m sure you can. What are the symptoms of getting love?

1. Our Feelings
We most commonly detect love via our FEELINGS – tingly, exciting, happy feelings when it comes, it thrills us and brings us joy. These feelings color our experience of life and it’s ups and downs. We feel great and struggle to account for it. These feelings make life worth rejoicing in, we feel so connected, ready for anything.

But then when love is absent it brings us feelings of loneliness, emptiness, sadness and sometimes depression. Notice what the current popular songs singing about – mostly the feelings that surround having, getting or losing love. Consider how much time we spend listening to these songs, because they reflect how special love is to us, and how closely we identify with these feelings.

2. Love makes us Grow
We can recognize love’s special-ness by the growth it stimulates in our lives: rejuvenation, rebirth and energy come as result of being loved and loving back. We have love's energy, motivation and zip! When we are intensely loved we can often experience bursts of inspiration, creativity and personality growth. We have the confidence and belief to tackle things that previously seemed beyond us.

3. Love gives us Acceptance
A comforting sense of acceptance and security, a state of belonging, and knowing that we are okay in the presence of that someone special – a friend, a lover or special family member. When we are really loved we feel as though we truly belong and are always welcome, just as we are. We don’t need to watch all our p’s and q’s, and be on best performance, love takes us past that.

4. Love adds meaning to Life
We often recognize love, because we are suddenly discovering new meaning and purpose to our lives, an altering sense of significance and hope. We feel special, appreciated, and somehow important. We feel that our contribution is valuable, people are believing in us and we feel needed.

5. Love evokes sacrificial giving
Love changes us - we find ourselves wanting to give. We seem to come out of our comfort cocoon and want to share so much more (often without even consciously purposing to do so). This deep love within is leads to our sacrificial giving to the beloved, of our time, our energy, our money, our affections, our acceptance and forgiveness, etc. Love evokes special commitment and sensitivity to the beloved needs, and we want to pour out ourselves to bless them with our love.

6. Love makes us see-through
Love makes us transparent, we feel we have less to hide, or what we used to hide is no longer so ugly or unacceptable now. We recognize love’s effects when we see in ourselves a greater openness, and willingness to be known for who we are. An increasing awareness and expression of how we feel about ourselves and our world and what we personally desire. A refreshing transparency and honesty.

7. Love notices others more.
Love makes us more aware of the relationships happening around us. We notice more whenever someone else is giving attention or seeking attention – either positive or negative.

Love is amazing special in so many ways. An elixir. A tonic. A gift of living.
If you’ve got this love bug, there is a cure! It takes a little time sometimes, but it always works.

On rising in the morning take two medicine measures of complaints, preferably the kind that focus on what others have done wrong to you to restore your sense self-importance and pride. Then regularly at four hourly intervals one small spoon of doubt (doubt in the genuineness of other’s motives and what lies behind their actions). Taken regularly this medicine leads to worry and finally fear. This is guaranteed to close up the heart to the invasion of this love bug, as it has been shown in clinical tests to clog up the flow of love.

My friends be aware of the symptoms of the love bug, they can affect you quite seriously.

Until next time this is Pierre Basson saying …
“love till it hurts, and then enjoy it some more.”

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Living 4 Loving

Living to Love and to be Loved

December 11, 2008, 5:38 pm

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