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December 11, 2008
5:38 pm

Living to Love and to be Loved

It’s Love makes the world go around - 11.25.2008 - Article Number: 7

It’s Love makes the world go around

The universal expectation to be treated decently and fairly is the most glaring evidence that love is the one irreducible moral absolute.

Everyone knows that they ought to love and that it is the right thing to do. When you ask people how they ought to live, they will usually come up with the right answer: Do to others, as you would have them do to you.

Proof: simple observation of human nature indicates that all people everywhere hope and expect to be loved. Everyone wants to be treated with fairness, respect, courtesy, and honesty. People who are mentally and emotionally stable are not happy when they are assaulted, abused, slandered, lied to, cheated, robbed, belittled, or ignored. Rather, when treated in an unloving manner, most people react negatively. They become angry, distraught, disillusioned, or hurt, revealing that the unloving treatment was an unwelcome intrusion rather than a cherished expectation. People universally act as if they deserve the respect and dignity inherent in love, which proves that it is right to love, and that we all need it.

It seems safe to conclude that all people expect to be loved and therefore ought to love others. Refusing or failing to love others either denies that they are persons or reveals us to be inconsistent with our own moral expectations.

The Golden Rule simply summarizes what human behavior and personal expectations convincingly witness. Since we expect to be loved, we ought to love others. To deny love to others is to deny their personhood. And if all people call for love, then love cannot be consistently limited only to some people who we wish to love. If you acknowledge that you hope for and expect loving treatment from others, then your expectation demands that you also love others.

Love can be used to sell anything – by simple association.
Love can be used to sell anything by simply associating good feelings of love to the person or product. The offer of loving attention or lovable-ness, attached to having or using a certain product, has been a lucrative selling technique since way back. Today it is used to sell almost anything, from toothpaste and smelly cigarettes to fashion wear and automobiles!

Love gives meaning to our lives.
Love is undoubtedly the most fulfilling and satisfying experience in the world. It is indeed the one and only state that can satisfy us and meeting our deepest needs for a sense of significance and personal worth.

When people lose the love of their closest and dearest, it is almost always accompanied by a great sense of loss, and for the remaining spouse or family members, it can often mean a deep loss of meaning. They may temporarily lose the reason to carry on living. Unless they re-orient themselves, to other loves, they will wither and the joy of life will slip away from them.

It is a life and death commodity – it is not optional.
Medical research has shown that when small babies are given medical care in hospitals, but deprived of physical affection and attention they are most likely to die before age two. Hundreds have died in unloving clinical environments just from a lack of physical love. Love is vital to our survival.

The “love challenged” abound in our society – desperately needing love - the poor, the homeless, the aged, the handicapped are the most obvious, because they usually cannot buy it when they need it most. Often when they are eventually loved by a caring somebody, then their personalities blossom and flourish.

Yes, none of us can live without love, for else we wither, become mean and self-centered (and quite un-love-ly).

Love is Basic to Life.
It is a proven medical fact that love is vital to the survival and sanity of every human being. Medical case studies in maternity wards of hospitals have shown that, human babies who are given all they need (physically) but who are denied love and physical affection very often die! Everybody needs loving attention! As we grow older, perhaps even more so! We may not show the need as much (often as a result of hurt and disappointment), but we are all desperate to be loved.

Everybody needs Loving and wants Love.
Love is a “must have” not an optional extra. Without it we experience emotional pain, loneliness, insecurity and a sense of worthlessness. But when we are loved and feeling in love, living can be a constant high, a secure place, accompanied by a deep sense of significance and special-ness. It fills the emptiness within. It is a universal need we all have.

Love is the only moral absolute that is not self-defeating. Everyone wants to be loved, so everyone must love.

Until next time this is Pierre Basson saying …
“It may be love that makes the world go round, BUT it’s YOU that makes the love go round”

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Living 4 Loving

Living to Love and to be Loved

December 11, 2008, 5:38 pm

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