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December 11, 2008
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Living to Love and to be Loved

What is so special or unique about Love? - 11.25.2008 - Article Number: 6

What is so special or unique about Love?
Stop. Look at your thumb, now take a closer look. It looks like any other thumb right. Wrong.
Love is as unique as your thumbprint, there are no other copies in the entire world.

Have you considered what it is about love that is so unique?

Love is custom made, unique experience for each of us. Our experience of love is unique for each one of us. It cannot be objectively compared. It’s meaning is affected by our mood, our current needs, our past experience, and our interpretation of what constitutes loving action in different situations and depending on what we are focusing on.

Love is in short supply and is often elusive
Love is not a tangible, it cannot be stored up for a rainy day. You can’t put it in the bank for a rainy day. Circumstances change, and people change, they also move on and they all eventually pass away. Love is dependent on other people’s responses and their moods. Love is worth most when we receive it unearned and unasked for. Love is hard to define, and it’s impossible to measure, it is personal, and it cannot be controlled. Love means more to us in a time of need, and that’s when we least feel at liberty to ask for it. When we have to ask for love, it often seems less valuable, as though it had been demanded, rather than freely offered.

People will do anything to get love
They will try to buy , bash, beg or beguile to get it.
Many of us are chasing after riches and success, without realizing that it is actually love that we are wanting from our success. People will try to “buy” the love of others with gifts and favors. They will try to impress, or even manipulate or seduce, to get people, to love them back. Sometimes they will even humiliate themselves in order to obtain compassion or pity. Others will demand love, and try to control others, in order to secure their attentions and in so doing secure their love too.

Love is greatly misunderstood and often misused.
In the name of love many crimes and personal atrocities are committed each day. Some people even use our duty to love them, against us, to control us, to obligate us, or to abuse us, so that they get what they want. Selfish lust is often sold to us as “love”, and unless we know what real love is, we will become confused and/or deceived. Even religious people may at times be guilty of leveraging our obligation to love God and the church, for their personal gain and status. It boils down to someone saying “ If you are really loving, you will do what I ask of you.” Be very careful of that one.

Love drives our feelings – big time
Few other experiences can produce the emotional high that “falling in love” does. It makes everything seem like heaven. And losing it, can just as easily make everything seem like hell. Love can make princes out of paupers, but love that is lost can crush even its strongest victims like a marshmallow in a vice. The insecurity of an approaching love relationship can take even the strongest amongst us on an emotional roller-coaster ride, second to none.

Love evokes all kinds of feelings – satisfying, exciting, happy feelings when it comes. Thrills that bring joy, juice and jubilation. It makes life’s difficulties seem so much easier to bear, and life worth rejoicing in, but when it leaves or is absent it may leave behind feelings of loneliness, emptiness, sadness and even depression. Just listen to the current popular songs and notice what they sing about – all the feelings that surround love and the desire for it, or they bemoan the loss of love.

Love seeks to sets us free
Love’s goal is always to seek the increasing freedom of the beloved. And the goal of freedom is always to allow people the freedom to choose, to love or not to love. Love that tries to capture or control a person against their will is not really love at all, is it?

Love is special and unique for you, appreciate it that way. Take a moment to thank God now for giving you your unique experience of love .

Until next time this is Pierre Basson saying
“No-one feels love quite like you do, you_ are _special”

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Living 4 Loving

Living to Love and to be Loved

December 11, 2008, 5:38 pm

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